Charley’s ride across America 30. Over the pass, longest day and Yaqui ( maybe?)


Day 59 march 27.  52 miles over the pass 11:30 (not a typo) hard day, end in Silver City NM

Day 60 march 28 0 miles, needed rest day

Day  61 march 29.  44 miles 6:50 hilly, end in Lordsburg NM

Total miles 2392, 80% finished (recalculated for new route)

Dear friends and family,

Pinto and the Wheelman are apprehensive about the next two days- any elevation over 5000 feet being their Achilles heel. The radiation to cure the Hodgkins disease back in the mid 1980’s had left a stiff heart and some scarred lung tissue. Pinto, the aortic pig valve, May struggle to get the oxygen needed to raise the heart rate. This one goes over 8100 feet. Lady Luck quips in “ride slowly and just push me if you have to. No whining you two sniveling patsies”.

I insert here the Wheelman’s version of the ride over the pass to Silver City.

As I was cresting the pass I felt so completely full. Full of pleasure, full of love from all the support of all of you followers. Tears came to my eyes thinking about this opportunity to share and be so well supported.

When Ghandi was traveling India on his fast to shake the yoke of Britain’s imperialism, one of his team of supporters said something like “ It takes a small army to support a small man wearing a rag and fasting” ( I can’t find the exact quote).

That’s how I feel, that it takes a band of friends and family to support an older man (me) riding a bicycle across the country. Thank you!

After the eleven and a half hours on the bike, we decided to take a break day, sleep in, and explore the old west town of Silver City. We both got haircuts, restocked our food bags from their food coop, and wander around the old town, filled with bookstores ( can’t buy any-too heavy), coffee shops, surplus stores, and saloons. Wonderful break in a town we both felt we could spend more time in- if San Diego didn’t beckon.

Keep those comments coming,

Sending love,


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